I was just another wide eyed new-Australian kid in the sixties who started classical piano training with the AMEB (Australian Music Board) at the age of six and continued classical training until my late teens until the lure of rock guitar proved too irresistible an attraction.

In order to be part of the Australian guitar explosion in the seventies, I studied guitar under a blues teacher, a classical guitar teacher and a jazz guitar teacher. It is through this diverse range of musical styles that I developed my own unique take on what my music should sound like.


At the time, at least in Australia, the average 'apprenticeship' to 'make it' was around the ten year mark, which would make sense considering the unjustifiable commitment, perseverance and expense, both financially and socially that professional musicianship exacts from you as minimum toll, on the precarious and nebulous road to success.

Along the way I met the most colourful of characters and found myself in all manner of weird and wonderful situations. All life experiences contribute to the person you end up as, and, as a songwriter, these are the colours and sonic textures you draw from for inspiration.

At a young age I was taught gypsy piano accordion by a Hungarian-Jewish ex P.O.W. - he had life experience that I couldn't begin to imagine at that time in my life. Needless to say, his music resonated from a great personal depth, thirty years later I wrote a song called 'The Greater the Wrong, the Sweeter the Song' (the deeper the hurt, the sadder the words), by that time I had ridden life's rollercoaster for a while (funnily enough, I just wrote a song called 'Rollercoaster' about my daughter).

To some lucky people, singing comes as naturally as breathing, I was not one of those and trained in opera for vocals before branching off into my own brand of rock in the eighties in several bands such as Slyder, releasing a 45rpm single on vinyl called Twenty Four Hour Love Machine, and World Star, releasing an eponymously titles album.
I ran away and joined the circus (so to speak) in the hard rock/heavy metal outfit; Tyrant in the eighties and nineties and released two albums; Freaks of Nature and Thunder Down Under. We are still immortalised in the walk of fame in Utopia Records, Sydney - so if you're ever there check out the leather and studs.

I guess in my own way, I am a veteran of the OZ rock scene, named in the Who's Who of Australian Rock - I loved being part of the history with all those brilliant bands.

Fast forward several years, I teach musicianship, write from the heart, am a semi-finalist in two 2010 UK Song Writing Competition categories; pop and adult contemporary, hold a first dan black belt in Karate, and hold first, second and third places in Karate tournaments for sparring and forms - this is the kind of dedication you need to learn your instrument and your craft.
I pretty much can make music out of anything, it's a soul thing, it's a showmanship thing, you march to war with it, you laugh, cry and reminisce to it.
It's a calling from somewhere not of this world, but makes the world a better place at least for the three or four minutes of escape that a connecting song gives you.

A good song is the vehicle that transports you to another place, a better place.
This is what I strive for as a songwriter.


Compose: pron./Kəm’pəΩz/Verb - Write or create a work of art

Member of the Australian
Songwriters association



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