As a highly qualified, talented and creative performer, Andy Zarins is offering song writing skills and product in many genres and styles of music.

Andy has very strong musicianship and composition skills in a broad range of instruments, and is particularly conversant with piano, guitar and vocal ability.

He is friendly, approachable, adaptable and very creative, his work is contemporary and unique. Andy has vast performance experience with natural showmanship.

Andy’s goals are to write for or co-write for aspiring and accomplished singers and groups requiring skilful song writing abilities that encompass the future of world music trends.

Contact Andy to discuss the purchase of his music or to arrange custom songwriting.

Songs marked with a flame have been well ranked in competition.

Andy ’s songs have been accepted in major industry song writing competitions

Recent successes include being a semi finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest.


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Adult Contemporary



Cloud in the Sky © 2009

Too Shy © 2011


Broken © 2011




Country Blues

No Hero © 2011

Opening Doors © 2011

Wonderful  © 2010

Naturally High © 2011

I Found Religion © 2011

Morning Town © 2011

Home for Christmas © 2011

Rainy Sunday © 2011

Ghost in my World © 2011

Country Rock

Miss You © 2010



Low Elaine © 2011


Sit with me Eliza © 2010

Leave the shit alone © 2011

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Compose: pron./Kəm’pəΩz/Verb - Write or create a work of art

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